Yong Heng Herb solution

Yong Heng
(The Ancient Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine) is balancing of Yin and Yang that
is a part of everyone’s daily herbal supplements for holistic health care.

-Exceptional nutritive value
-Nourishment and care
-Maintain a harmonious balanced metabolism
-Slow aging -Enhance immane system
-Reduce risk of diseases Highest safety profile and therapeutic efficacy
-Free from side effects

Chinese Medicine Theory
Human body composes of 5 significants elements that are water,wood,fire,earth and gold(metal).
All of these elements depend on each others and function in parallel as main mechanism
performing systematic operation of internal organs.Understanding the great relationships
between them will help us sustain the healthy and improve better internal-body system.

In Chinese Medicine theory,the approach of gaining the healthy and good internal system is known
As”maintenance of the balance of Yin-Yang”The internal system will work well if the 5 elements
stay balancingproperly.In contrast if the imbalance once occurs, the internal systems and also
internal organs will disorderly work in the wrong way which eventually turns to be”illness” or “sickness”.

The causes of the imbalance state can be found easily especially in the modern lifestyle such as
the pollution toxic,bad nutrition and stress.Therefore being careful and watchful in protecting
from those bad things certainly helps remains the well balance.

And one of the ways to maintain the well balance effectively is Yong Heng .With the uique
peculiarity of more than 30 Chinese herbal medicines the vital internal organs stichas
lungs,heart and liver with be kept up in balance or recovered to work better.

Being in readiness to prevent the diseases with Yong Heng by stabilizing the balance
of 5 elements and internal organs,hence,is the best way to decrease the possibility
of illness and sickness.

In Brief
Yong Heng Herb Solution is Traditional Medicine created in an ancient time by
a Chinese physician.After a long period of trial and error finally invented the
best herb solution which later was proves by himself that it could help him live
longer with healthy for almost 130 years.The medicine formula was passed on
from generation to generation as valued legacy.When the present generation
receives the medicine formula,he wished to see other people have good health
and long life as his ancestor did .Thus, he had established Jaroen Osot Company
limited with the aim to manufacture and distribute the herb solution officially
and to develop the medicine formula to the utmost quality.

Today Yongheng Herb Solution is manufactured with hygiene process and high
standard procedure.And with the acceptance of the Ministry of Public Health.
Yong Heng was formally registered with medicine registration number of G 244/43.

Herb Solution
Yong Heng Herb Solution contains of a number of substance extracted from various
kinds of Chinese herbs,that helps heal and strengthen health and body including
internal-body system. There are more than 30 herb plants used in the worthwhile
solution,each of  which has distinctive characteristic and peculiarity namely…

Components in herbal medicines :

Botanical Name Property/Taste Traditional Chinese Herbal Therapeutic Use
1.Codonopsis Pilosula Hot/Mild sweet Protect against asthma and cough;enhances circulation and digesttion
2.Atractylodes Macrocephala Hot/Mild sweet Relieves pain and stiffness;reduces swelling;stimulates appetite
3.Paeonia Lactiflora Pall Cold/Bitter Nurtures the blood;reduces heat and perspiration;relieves pain and headache;treats anemia;treats cirrhosis of the liver
4.Illicium Verum Hot Relieves stomach gas;nurtures the kidneys and lungs
5.Eucommia Ulmoides Oliv Warm/Mild sweet Nurtures the liver,kidneys and tendons;provides pregnant women with energy
6.Cordyceps Sinensis Hot/Mild sweet Nurtures lungs and kidneys;dilates the airways;prevent high blood sugar,hight blood pressure and heart disease;reinforces male or female sexual competency
7.Angelica Sinensis Hot/Sweet and hot Nurtures blood;promotes normal menstruation for both women with pregnancy and exhaustion after childbirth
8.Glycyrrihiza Uralensis Fisch Hot/Mild sweet Treats womb atony or hernia;increases the flow of ;Nurtures the lungs,heart,spleen and stomach;stimulates appetite;reduces cough;eliminates toxin
9.Notopterygium Incisum Hot/Bitter Treats bladder inflammation;relieves stomach gas;suppresses joints pain,premenstrual syndrome(PMS)and painful menstuation
10.Lycium Barbarun Hot Nurtures the liver and kidneys;improves vision;rises hormones;empowers male sexual competency
11.Ziziphus Jujuba Hot/sour Nurtures the liver and heart;decreses perspiration;relieves tension and promote relaxation
12.Peucedanum Praeruptorum Cold/Bitter Eliminates phlegm and relieves cough;reduces swelling;Nurtures blood circulation
13.Ligustrum Lucidum Ait Cold/Mild sweet and bitter Nurtures the lungs;increase the flow of urine;relieves internal heat;protects against dry cough and dry throat
14.Cinnamomum Cassia Presel Hot/Mild sweet Nurtures the liver,kidneys,spleen and blood;relieves diarrhea
15.Achyranthes Bidentata Blume Hot/Sour Promotes circulation;intensifies bones and tendons;treats rheumatism;gives legs power;treats bladder inflammation;increases the flow of urine.
16.Saposhnikovia Divaricata Hot/Mild sweet Nurtures the liver and spleen;relieves bladder inflammation;reduces fever;treats rheumatism and allergy
17.Dipsacus Asperoides Hot/Bitter Nurtures the kidneys,liver,bones and tendons;relieves lower back pain and stiffness;restores the womb’s normal condition.
18.Chaenomeles Speciosa Hot/Mild sweet Nurtures the liver and speen;Softens the tendons;Strengthens legs and reduces stiffness
19.Cervus Nippon Temminck Hot Nurtures the kidneys and bones;reinforces male sexual competency;gives life and energy
20.Ligusticum Chuanxiong Warm/Pungent Nurtures the liver,gallbladder and heart;promotes circulation;treats rheumatism;eliminates the lochia
21.Polygonatumodoratum Warm/Mild sweet Nurturesthe liver,kidneys and spleen;helps relieve cramping of the womb;Nurtures female blood
22.Citrus Reculata Blanco Warm/Mild bitter Eliminates the phlegm from the lungs;reduces muscle pain;relieves stomach gas and indigestion
23.Zizphus Jujuba Warm/Mild sweet Treats bladder inflammation;drives out negative energy from joints;relieves pain
24.Asparagus Cochinensis Warm/Bitter Drives out negative energy from joints;relieves pain
25.Clematis Chinensis Osbeck Warm/Bitter Nurtures the liver and kidneys;helps relieve dizziness and lower back pain;reinforces male or female sexual competency
26.Rehmannia Glutinosa Cold Nurtures the kidneys and blood;relieves constipation,high blood sugar and kidney disease;decreases perspiration and heavy bleeding
27.Ophlopogon Japonicus Cold/Bitter Treats bladder inflammation;increases the flow of urine;reduces swelling;treats rheumatism
28.Cistanche Decerticola Cold/Mild sweet and bit of bitter Nurtures the heart,lungs and stomach

The production process of herbal medicines 

Step 1

The Chinese herb marinated or cured together. It takes about 2 months.

Step 2

After checking the quality. It was put in storage tanks.

Step 3

the herb solutions through a filter. To filter out waste and sediment out.

Step 4

the herb solutions heated to kill bacteria and extracted into alcohol.
Step 5

Clean the bottle by the process pasteurization

Step 6

packed into the bottle.


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